The Lighthouse
Friday, April 12, 2024
Overcoming Darkness with the Light of Christ

Ministry Teams

The Lighthouse
seeks to equip every member to be a minister – to be involved in ministry and service in their communities and around the world. Our goal is to form Ministry Teams and, by a process of interview and discipleship, fill those teams with people who are willing to sacrifice their personal time, skills and resources to touch lives.
Teams will be formed as we gain members with a burden for specific ministries.  


Here are our current Ministry Teams at The Lighthouse - 


1. AUDIO PRODUCTION                                

DescriptionCoordinate and train a team of volunteers to set up and run the sound system for Sundays at American Christian Academy, and as needed at other times and places. 

2. CHILDREN                                                       

DescriptionDevelop and implement programming for Kids (K5 – Grade 5), for Kid's Worship on Sunday mornings.


DescriptionCoordinate a team of people who provide ministry to a select portion of our church attendees and members. (Contact, visit, encourage, etc.)


DescriptionHelp to organize and implement church-wide events aimed at building the fellowship of the Church, using volunteers from the body.

5. FINANCE           

DescriptionProvide leadership for the overall financial process of the Church, and enlist approved counters for offerings.

6. FOLLOW-UP / OUTREACH           

DescriptionCoordinate a group of volunteers to follow-up with all first-time guests in creative ways (calls, cards, letters, e-mails, visits, etc.) providing each with a gift bag. Reach out to both inactive members and prospects.


DescriptionCoordinate & train volunteers to meet and greet all guests at the main entrance to the school & at the entrance to the gym, providing name tags and pointing them to the Info Tables.


DescriptionCoordinate a group of volunteers to provide melas for various events, and for Snack Suppers prior to Class 101.

9. MEN                     

DescriptionLead the Men’s Ministry of the Church (Bible Studies, fellowship events, service projects). Reach out to all new men who attend our church and plug them into our Men's Ministry.

10. MUSIC  

DescriptionCoordinate the Music Ministry of the Church by selecting and practicing for weekly praise songs and hymns, and enlisting and developing other musicians and singers for our Worship Celebration on Sunday morning.


DescriptionCoordinate a rotation of volunteers to serve in the Church Nursery / Bed Babies area each Sunday morning, and as needed for special functions.


DescriptionDevelop and implement various ways in which the Church can become involved in prayer (Prayer Chain, praying before services, etc.) in keeping with our church vision.


DescriptionOffer various short-term mission opportunities for our membership (including Youth, College, and Adults) to participate in. Lead in the training and preparation for all trips.

14. SET-UP      

DescriptionCoordinate and train a team of volunteers to set up chairs, plants, speakers, information tables, podium, gift bags, children's area supplies, etc. for Sundays at American Christian Academy, and as needed at other times and places.

15. SMALL GROUPS      

DescriptionDevelop and implement various ways to promote and assist our Small Groups (for outreach, care giving, and discipleship). The goal is for every person in our church to be involved in a Small Group.

16. STUDENTS           

DescriptionDevelop and implement a program for Youth & College students, including weekly Bible Study, and provide activities to help promote spiritual growth and to reach the lost. 


DescriptionLead the Women's Ministry of the Church (Bible Studies, fellowship events, and service projects). Reach out to all new ladies who attend our church and plug them into the Women's Ministry.


DescriptionCoordinate and train a team of volunteers to set up and run the video system (for Power Point, movie clips in messages, information loops, etc.) for Sundays at American Christian Academy, and as needed at other times and places.